Metalic Embossed Lace Stud Set

Lucky Penny Designs

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These are a top seller! Made from our most popular materials - our embossed faux leather BUT these are extra special because they are METALLIC! Featuring three lovely colors, silver, green and bronze!

10 mm or 12 mm. 

Studs are made from faux leather.
Studs are made with stainless steel and come with a plastic backing to keep the earring secure to your ear.

Please do not immerse jewelry in water or wear them where you will be exposed to large amounts of water. Store in a cool, dry environment to protect the material and metal jewelry pieces. 


All items are hand made in a non smoking, pet friendly home.  

Due to the nature of patterned faux leather/genuine leather, the placement of the pattern can vary for each pair. Computer/device screens may vary. Colors, textures and materials are described best as possible. 

The picture of the woman wearing studs is just to show how the studs look being worn. You will receive the studs in the first image, not the ones she is wearing. 
Photo Credit: Eggs to Apples Photography