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Lucky Penny Designs

Floral Travel Earring Holder

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$14.00 USD
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$14.00 USD

THIS IS A PRE ORDER! These will ship from my supplier January 31st! 

Dimensions: 4.293 inches wide by 4.908 inches tall. Perfect size to fit in a purse, small handbag, or suitcase.

Sold as: Single travel earring holder.

These Floral Travel Earring Holders are cut from White Birch (shows the decorative floral scoring best) and allows us to keep costs low for customer purchasing.

These Travel Earring Holders are perfect for storing jewelry while traveling. Whether you toss it in your purse with everyday staples so you can be sure to not leave the house without earrings on or to store jewelry for a planned vacation. Both stud earrings and dangles can be stored and the notch on either side can be used with a hair tie or rubber band to secure dangle earrings flat. 

All wood blanks are laser cut from wood therefore, color may vary slightly due to natural variations within the wood grain. Photographs depict the different wood’s we offer on the left and wood blanks are cut from White Birch on the right.

All wood blanks are left with a natural finish. If you wish to deepen the color of your wood blanks, you can apply a light spray of polyurethane. Please note, our Classic Gray, True Black, and White Washed woods are stained/painted and will not require any type of finish. Our White Birch is versatile and can be left as is or painted/stained.

All wood blanks are shipped with a protective paper masking to prevent against charring and soot when laser cut. This protective paper masking should be removed by the consumer to reveal the beautiful natural wood grain prior to use. If any soot or discoloration is present once the paper masking is removed, simply wipe with a bit of rubbing alcohol.