Penny's Picks Snap Clip Set Box *MAY PRE-ORDER*

Lucky Penny Designs

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What is in Penny's Picks?

Click here to get the Penny's Picks bow box!

Click here to get the Penny's Picks stud box!

Penny's picks is your way to get EXCLUSIVE bows, studs and snap clips! The items in this subscription box will only be found here in the box, they will not be sold on our website - EVER! 

The items are a mystery, you won't know what they looks like until you get your box! You will receive one set of three snap clips!

These can be added on to our other boxes - the bow box or the snap clip box. The mystery prints will match the prints found in the bow box and the snap clip box, and you get to choose if you want 10 mm or 12 mm sizes!